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Developer & Network Administrator

I started in the world of motion design and graphic design but without any real interest in it, during the year 2017 I started to "develop I started to "develop" websites in html, css, js. After several attempts I started to try more seriously with applications in php, then a great interest for cybersecurity, it is only when when 2020 that I begin the courses in BTS SIO and discover the world of that I find in my opinion more intuitive intuitive, my current objective is thus to to propose powerful solutions with a pleasant design while being the most as secure as possible but the world of world of cybersecurity is more interesting to me and and requires a minimum of time which which hinders most of my projects.

Activities & Personal Skills
  • Staff Manager in Community
  • Web Server Configuration
  • Spare time CTF Player
  • Discovery of new releases v < all
Prefessionnal Skills

Having already an example on the home page of the site I will go in the globality in this section.

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Server Configuration
  • Security
  • Network Administration


With the aim of carrying out each project as if it were my own in order to offer the best rendering from my point of view because everyone wants the best.

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